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Consumer Protection Plan

Bay Master Appliance Services ("We"or"Us") stands behind its repair professionals. if you ("customer") are not reasonably satisfied, in our sole discretion, and at no additional expense to you, we will send the professional again to the site to try to remedy the situation; or refund the amount you paid to us  under the customer protection plan. The maximum amount refunded to the customer shall not exceed the amount paid for the disputed job.

Eligibility Requirements: Inferior quality of work by a professional, or their unprofessional behavior are basis for making a claim under the protection plan. Situations such as disliking the professional, delayed or late arrival at work site, delay in making the follow-up visit to finish the repair of your appliance for a legitimate reason are not considered basis for a claim.

You have 30 days to submit a claim. Any claims submitted after thirty (30) days from the date of the work concluded shall not be valid. We will provide you with a form to submit your claim. Please contact Bay Master Appliance Services via email at claims@bmapplianceservice.com or call us at (408)362-5684.