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Introduction to Bay Master Appliance

Bay Master Appliance Services LLC (BMAS) is a registered and insured appliance services company that operate in San Francisco South Bay.
The company is owned by a professional technician who served with US mission overseas as electrician and appliance repair technician for over one decade. BMAS provides appliance repair, installation and maintenance service to the community in a professional and timely manner.
BMAS uses high end technology to make easier and easier for customer to book service, approve or deny cost of service and make payment once their appliance have been fixed and tested for operation.
Bay Master Appliance Services LLC provide 3 months service warranty and well as  up to 1 year warranty for eligible parts replaced to fix a unit.
At Bay Master Appliance Services stands behind its repair professionals. if you (customers) are not reasonably satisfied, in our sole discretion, and at no additional expense to you, we will send the professional again to the site to try to remedy the situation; or refund the amount you paid to us for under the customer protection plan.